Life’s been a bit crazy lately. Well, crazier than usual.  And that’s saying a lot. Some days and weeks just seem to have a lot more going on than others. 

After that insane Broad Street run, I eased into my first official week of Olympic Triathlon training by taking off the first two days.  “Official rest” was what I called it. Then I got back down to business by really focusing on what my 16 week Olympic training plan was going to be.  Except when I looked at the calendar there were only 14 weeks until the Tri. 


So, off to a good start as usual.  Good thing I built some cushion into that plan.

Laying out a plan for sixteen fourteen weeks looks more than a bit overwhelming when you see it on a sheet of paper. That’s a lot of swimming, biking and running.   Throw in yoga to keep things balanced and the whole thing could scare a person off just from looking at it.

I was reading an article about something not related to triathlons (I know, go figure) which contained some good advice about reaching a big goal that seems impossible or too big to manage.

In simple terms, it goes like this: 


I like that advice and am trying to use it.

Each day. Each workout. Each breath of each workout. Don’t think about the whole thing at once because you can’t do the whole thing at once.  You can only do one moment at one time.

I may have to write this down a few places in order for the advice to stick with me. I tend to be a big-picture-multi-tasker-do-everything-kinda-girl.

Wish me luck.  I will need it.

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  1. Stephamie says:

    Lots of luck as you venture into this next phase of your tri career! Even with 14 instead of 16 weeks to train, I am quite confident you’ll do great!

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