Why do YOU tri?

//Why do YOU tri?

Why do YOU tri?

Dear Blog,
I’ve been avoiding you. I think I might have writer’s block. So what to do?

Well….. run! And bike! (and swim?). Get the juices flowing! I have sometimes found when I am most tired, most frustrated and least motivated to exercise, I turn in the best runs. So after almost a week of no blogging, I re-dedicated myself to some good r&r (runs and rides) to clear the cobwebs.

So where were we?

When I last blogged a group of us had just completed a great run on the AC boardwalk, only to be confronted with more cold, wet, miserable weather the beginning of the week. A nice day off on Monday, a decent swim on Tuesday (both uneventful and not really blog worthy) and Wednesday arrived with my first Rode’s ride. It was great fun! A ride that starts AND ends at a bar? I like it. I like it a lot! There were a number of new faces, inspirational women (a Boston Marathoner co-mingles among us!), and of course, the celebratory cocktail at the end of the ride. A few members were clipped in (to their clipless pedals… I still can’t rationalize this) for the first time and everyone did great!

On Thursday I was presented with an opportunity to run Broad Street… yeah!….. Except… I haven’t really been training for a 10 mile race. I am, by nature, a scheduled person, so for Broad Street I generally start training the 1st week of February (not 1st week of April). I have, however, done a 6 and 7 miler the past two weekends respectively, so feel with a little extra nudge, I still have time for some decent longs runs before race day debuts. To be frank, how can I say no to Broad St? It’s historically one of my favorite races and after the moaning and groaning I’ve done about not getting in…? Of course a quick check of my calendar reminded me that I had rested, swam and biked since the AC race, but not run. So I took to lacing up my Saucony’s on Friday afternoon and turned in a 4.5 miler, a 4.5 miler and a 7 miler on consecutive days.

And guess what happened while I was running those miles? Ideas started flowing. My fingers started itching for the key pad and after a great bike ride tonight (80 degrees, who could stay home?), here I am making friends again with my blog. So what were some of the ideas? Well, to start with, I’d like to invite a newbie guest blogger to write about their experience at the Riverwinds tri this weekend. I will not be tri-ing, but would love to capture this event through the eyes of another newbie. Interested? Please leave comment below.

And as ideas for my blog started flowing, other resolutions followed suit. The laundry list of well, laundry and household chores that seemed to be weighing on me all weekend seemed less overwhelming as I mentally organized them during mile three and four. The few outstanding work issues/problems I’ve been wrestling with? These started falling into place too. And the best part of my Sunday run? Getting stopped twice by two van loads of pre-teens on a scavenger hunt. Running with a runner qualified them for extra points. Somewhere, a local Church boasts two pictures of me, my iPod and smiling kids. How great is that?

Bottom line… what did I conclude at the end of yesterday’s run? That I tri for sanity. That I tri for resolution. That I tri for happiness and peace at the end of a long week and weekend. Why do some of our fellow club members tri?

“…for feeling of accomplishment. Whenever I go out for either a run, swim or bike ride I know that I will do what I set out to do.”
– Jen McCarthy

“….for the sense of fulfillment. That I have achieved something that I consider to be challenging”
– Laura Longo

“…simply because it makes me feel good about my day. I love the physical and mental satisfaction of a long run or conquering a steep hill. I come to my family a happier (less stressed) person.”
– Colleen Fossett

“…So I am physically fit and will hopefully pass on my will of feeling physically fit to my children.”
– Bridget Stankoski


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