Memories of my Inaugural Tri Season: Christine Desrochers

//Memories of my Inaugural Tri Season: Christine Desrochers

Memories of my Inaugural Tri Season: Christine Desrochers

To say that this Season of Triathlon was fabulous would be a complete understatement.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.  From the hours of training, to the sharing of well-deserved beers with friends after a workout, it is difficult to narrow down the best memories of the season.  There are many, but these are just some of my favorite moments from Triathlon Season 2011.

Queen of the Hill Triathlon

What an extraordinary day! I think I slept for a total of 2-3 hours that night.  This was my first triathlon, so the nerves and excitement were too much.  I was so worried about being late, not finding a transition spot, not finding a parking spot.  Embarrassingly enough I was the first one to show up at the race!  All of that worry for nothing.

Without a doubt the best part of that race for me was the surprise fly by.  I actually had tears in my eyes.  I couldn’t believe my reaction to it.  When I thought about it later, I realized that what had hit me the hardest was a sense of the power that so many people had when they come together with a common purpose.  This is a group of 250 plus women, all of whom have their own individual strengths and connections.  When you can coordinate them together like this club and its founders have done, amazing things are possible.

Bridgeton Sunset Challenge

This was my first Olympic Distance Aqua/ Bike race inspired by my hatred of running.  My first thought was they had big shoes to fill  (coming on the heels of QOH).  Where was Kate Hayden singing? Where was the perfectly timed fly by? Blueberries? Champagne toast? It was a difficult pill to swallow when I realized that not all triathlons were of Queen of the Hill standards.

My favorite part of this race was the 79 year old triathlete.  He rolls up in style in his station wagon, pulls his bike out of the back that was clearly manufactured sometime in the seventies I’m sure.  Which, by the way, I can totally appreciate because of the fact that my bike is not much more advanced!  This man had done this a million times before.  When he crossed that finish line, he received special cheers and so many faces looking on in awe. I was one of them.  If I am lucky enough,

Ride the Farms

It is my belief that there is not an activity out there that is more my speed than this one.  Whoever thought of this should receive a medal.  Bike riding with friends (at a slower pace!), shopping for produce, and supporting local farms.  Is there anything out there that is more earth-friendly and community building than this? I think not! If you told me that there was a Mullica Hill Ride the Farms Event every month, I say sign me up every time.

Greenfield Triathlon

I enjoyed the simplicity, and easy-going nature of this race.  It was a fabulous experience, but I will never forget one thing about this one.  One of the many new friends that I have made through the club, Kim Gaskell, was lucky enough to have her parents at this race as spectators.  There was one thing that Kim’s Mom noticed, that I thought was so true, and very funny.  She watched as the athletes transitioned from the swim to the bike, and the bike to the run.  She noticed that some of the guys were lightning fast, their transition times must have been mere seconds.  However, the Tri- Club Women were a little slower during these times.  I thought about it, and realized how much chit-chat I engage in during these times.  It is quite literally a time for me to talk with the other ladies in pink.  Some examples include, “Are you wearing sunglasses for the bike?” “I’m not sure, what are you thinking?”  “Ugh…I can’t believe I have to run now!” I swear I consider transition times as mini conversation breaks!

She- Rox Triathlon

In one word- unbelievable! Somehow, wearing that pink suit on this day made me feel more like a superhero than a triathlete.  How could you not feel this way, when it seemed like every 3 minutes there was someone else in the crowd cheering, “Great job, Christine” or “Go Mullica Hill!” What a feeling to be in such a huge race in Philly and have so many people recognize you in that suit!  All I have to say is I cannot wait until that Broad Street Run next year! I’m expected big things from our Mullica Hill fans!

Overall, I am so grateful for being part of something that is so fabulous.  I have built STRONGER friendships, made many NEW friendships and rekindled OLD friendships.  I can’t wait to continue making new memories with everyone for years to come!

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