March 11, 2011

//March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

Today I decided to try my hand at swimming after my usual workout on the treadmill (definitely too rainy to run outside. Despite what Jason said on Monday night about the joys of rain-running, I only do it when I want to feel like a bad ass… like in June or July, not in dreary, cold March). Orchestrating the workout was quite hilarious. First, I had to call a friend to ask the “rules of the pool”, especially after hearing a horror story from a neighbor and friend about a not-so-friendly-male-swimmer at the same gym earlier in the week. Do I need to reserve a lane? Do I need to share a lane? What’s the distance of each lap? Do I need to wear a swim cap? Goggles? A bathing suit? (Just kidding, the last one is clearly obvious, but probably so were the other questions to an experienced swimmer). Needless to say, my friend was very patient and detailed, although I was getting a little intimidated once she started talking about “circle swimming” while lane sharing.
Now that I was armed with what I felt was sufficient info that would keep me from screaming “novice” the second I opened the door to the pool, I still felt I needed to do some additional research before taking the first dip. So what’s a novice to do before heading out for what I considered my 1st “real” swim? (Yes, I’ve decided to discount my many, many, many laps in my in-laws pool swimming from diving board to shallow end to alternatively catch one of the kids jumping from the diving board to my “beverage” located at the opposite end). But I digress. So what’s a “newbie” to do….? You Tube! I watched a few videos before I left, some informative, some a little too basic (I think I’m beyond the “learning how to blow bubbles stage”), but all in all I ventured out to Future Fitness motivated and excited for my swim.
Overall, the experience was fine. Like biking, I have a lot to learn and thankfully, a lot of time to do it. I kept the running light, 2 miles in 18 min and the swimming lighter, 12 lengths of the pool. I tried my best to breathe every third stroke, but as I would assume is common w/ someone new to swimming, I started out much too fast. The more out of breath I became, the harder it was to gasp in one quick breath before putting my face back in the water. I took some breaks in between laps and even floated on my back once or twice. Michael Phelps I was not. But proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone of running? That I was.
Happy Friday all!


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  1. Kate March 13, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Haha, I’m a newbie, too, and I got a kick out of reading this…. and realized I have all of the same questions (especially about the first “real” swim!) Sooo….. can you share any of the answers because I plan on doing mine this week! Thanks for sharing this:)

  2. Stephanie March 14, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment! I’m not sure how much help my answers will be, but here’s what I learned from my first swim: At Future Fitness in Mullica Hill it is not necessary to reserve a lane. If there is someone else using a lane, it was suggested to me (by a fellow gym goer and swimmer) to wait until they are finished. If you want to share, you need to ask if they want to split the lane or circle swim. I’m not 100% clear on how that works. I wore goggle and a swim cap- definitely the way to go! In the Future Fitness pool, a 1/4 mile is 19 lengths or 9 full laps. I would expect this info to change depending on where you’re doing your swim. The other thing to note, there was a chart posted on the wall near the pool that gave you the distances of 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and so on.
    Hope this helps and good luck!!

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