The most important benefit of membership is the women you will meet and the camaraderie that is shared.  We ended 2016 with close to 700 members, most completed a sprint triathlon this past summer, and there is plenty of positive energy on our roads!  Other benefits include the following:

  • Invitation to all Club Workouts including: open water swims, pool swims, various bike rides for all levels and different distances, track runs, trail runs and much more!
  • Invitation to all Club Only Events including:  Newbie 101, Bike Safety Workshop, Running Workshops, Mock Triathlons, Fabulous Friday Night 5K, Rocky Runs,  Biggest Loser Contest and much more!
  • Invitation to Club Social Events including: “Get to Know Each Other” Happy Hour and End of Season Bash!
  • Savings on tri specific workshops such as Yoga for the Triathlete and Cross Fit for Triathletes
  • Fitness/Bike store discounts-see side bar
  • Mentoring and support from fellow members
  • Improvement of overall fitness level by cross training
  • Calling yourself a triathlete AND helping us make a difference through our cause!