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Come to Newbie Night to find the answers to these BURNING questions


I have never done a triathlon. Can I still join your club?
SURE… we would love to have you. Of the 520 members we had this year, over half had never done a triathlon. We love newbies and will provide you the resources you need to succeed!
I am slow, will I hold everyone back?
Not at all. What makes our club unique is that we have women of all ages (18-70) and abilities. We offer group runs, rides and swims with each member working at her own pace and comfort level. We will place you in the right group for our bike rides so you feel comfortable and safe.
Can’t swim… hate lakes!
We understand that swimming, especially open water swimming causes a lot of anxiety. Yes- you must know how to swim. The doggy paddle doesn’t count. If you can not swim, we strongly recommend lessons. We have groups swims in pools, lakes, etc. We will point you in the right directions with stroke mechanics and swim drills. We recommend participating in several open water swims before the triathlon. Many women begin each season with a very high level of swim anxiety, but with practice, practice, practice they do it! Many and I mean MANY could not swim one or two laps in a pool before joining this club.
I have a mountain bike (maybe it is a hybrid) Is that okay?
Yes. That is okay, especially if you are brand new and aren’t even sure if you like triathlons. It is important to make sure you are comfortable on the open road and riding 12-15 miles in distance before you buy a road bike. Many of our members began with hybrids and by midsummer realized they could go much faster with a road bike. We know bikes are expensive so just give it a whirl on what you have at first. One thing for sure.. if you are going to buy a “road bike” definitely go to a bike shop such as Action Wheels, Peddler Shop, DQ or the Caffeinated Cyclist. They are the experts!
I will not, can not, absolutely hate to run! Can I still join?
No problem! You can be part of a relay time. We will find you a runner. Easy Breezy
What is TEEN TRI all about?
Teen tri is for girls age 12-17 who are interested in the sport of triathlon. They are welcome to join us for all of our rides, runs and swims with their mother. We will offer special “TEEN WORKOUTS” once per week to keep it fun! Teen Tri is $30 for the year.
I don’t live in Mullica Hill..can I still join?
Of course, of course, of course! We have members from Medford, Cape May and Philadelphia. We would never turn anyone away. Most of the group workouts are in the Mullica Hill, East Greenwich, Woolwich area very accessible via New Jersey Turnpike or 295.
What is a transition? Do I need to change in front of everyone?
A transition is the “pit stop” between the swim and the bike ( T1) and the bike and the run (T2). You transition from swim gear to bike gear and bike gear to run gear.
So..what does that mean? Do I have to get changed in front of everyone?
Nope. Negative on the nudity. It is pretty much one suit for the entire race. Sure, you can swim in a bathing suit and pull on shorts for the bike and then a bra and tank for the run. A tri suit is a better option (but not mandatory). We will be offering personalized tri suits again this year for 50% of the list price. You will be able to get a groovy pink suit for about $50.
Do I need to raise money for a charity?
Our cause this year is the Destigmatization of Mental Illness. Individually members do not need to fundraise, but we do encourage you to attend our charity events throughout the year. This year we will host a happy hour, comedy show, and golf outing. We also believe that spreading awareness is just as, if not more important than raising money, so we do highly encourage our members to attend our “Remove the Stigma” workshop April 15. This way we can spread our awareness not just with our members, but throughout our community.
Am I crazy for doing this?
Sometimes you might think that, BUT it it is wonderful experience. Exercise has been shown to improve both physical and mental health. Yes, triathlon training takes time and energy and dedication but calling yourself a triathlete is priceless.
I have heard that triathlon training is really intense. That my social life will come to a screeching halt.
Whoa Nelly…. just the opposite. Just check out our pictures on this website and on Flickr. Plenty of social events for this club. We love to “un-wine”.
Okay, I am convinced. What do I do?
Our membership is nowonline.  It is best to sign up early (before April 1st) so you can take advantage of our early education seminars and get to know the other ladies.  Group work outs will begin on April 1st.  In April and May, the focus will be the bike.  In June and July, the focus will be the swim. We will have group runs on some Sundays and trail runs during the week.  You will get our team tech shirt and an invitation to all club events, rides, runs, swims, etc.  You will also get discounts at many of the local tri and bike stores.  Along with everyone else in America, we are on Facebook.  We have videos to capture all of our seasons.  Just look on the left hand side under videos.  Special thanks to John DelRosso, video-extaordinaire for his talent!    Check us out here!
I am pretty advanced as a triathlete ( 1/2 Iron Man/Iron Man)…should I still join?
Yes of course. We have a handful of fighting machines in our club who would love the company.
My boyfriend/husband wants to join with me..can he?
Sorry.. no nuts. just guts, but they can cheer from the sidelines with huge smiles!