Girls on the GLOW 2014 Fall Session Schedule

Sept 9        Coaches Clinic                                7:00-8:00PM
Sept 13      Opening Day Practice                   10:30-11:45AM
Sept 20     Practice                                          10:30-11:45AM
Sept 22     GLOW With Mom – Boot Camp 6:00-7:00PM
Sept 26     GLOW Run                                     TBD
Oct 2         GLOW With Mom – Art Class        TBD
Oct 4         Practice                                           10:30-11:45AM
Oct 18       Practice                                           10:30-11:45AM
Oct 25       Practice                                           10:30-11:45AM
Oct 27       GLOW With Mom – blue plate   6:00-7:30PM
Nov 1        Practice                                            10:30-11:45AM
Nov 6       Family GLOW                                5:30-8:00PM
Nov 15      Practice                                           10:30-11:45AM
Nov 22     Philadelphia Marathon Kids Run    10:30AM

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