Girls on the GLOW 2014 Spring Session Schedule

Apr 5         Opening Day! – Practice   JMT School            10:00-11:15AM

Apr 12       Practice                              JMT School           10:00-11:15AM

Apr 16      GLOW With Mom Art Lesson                         6:00-7:30PM

Apr 26       Practice                             JMT School           10:00-11:15AM

May 1       GLOW With Mom Flower Planting  Ella Harris Park  6:00PM

May 3       Harrison Parade

May 6     GLOW With Mom Dinner Blue Plate           6:00-8:00PM

May 10      Practice                             JMT School           10:00-11:15AM

May 16     GLOW Run                         Clearview Track       TBA

May 22     Family GLOW                                                     TBA

May 31      Practice                               JMT School          10:00-11:15AM

June 6 or 7  Season Finale                                                  TBA