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Queen of the Hill participants will be self seeded (faster swimmers in first). Four open water certified life guards and several swim angels will be dispersed in the lake to ensure the safety of each and every swimmer. Do not dive into the lake, however, cannon balls are encouraged!!

We will take the water temperature the morning of the event to determine whether or not wetsuits will be allowed. All wetsuits are legal when the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower. Wetsuits are legal, but participants do not qualify for awards when water temperatures are 78.1 degrees – 83.9 degrees. If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above wetsuits are not permitted.

We will close transition and ask everyone must go to the beach for our national anthem and start!

Any stroke is allowed, however, flippers or flotation devices are not permitted. We will have four lifeguards in canoes. If you need to rest on a canoe please do so, but you may not use the canoe to advance forward. If you swim breast stroke please be aware of the position of other swimmers as you pass them (in other words: don’t kick them).

The buoys will always be on your RIGHT. We are adding additional buoys the night before the event. Many of you will have practiced at Lake Gilman and exited via the ladder, however, swimmers will be exiting via the wood steps at the baby lake on race day. Safer for everyone.


The course will be very well marked with directional signs and lots of volunteers will be out on and police officers will be out on the road to direct cyclists.

Ellis Mill Road will be partially closed, with cars getting by at the discretion of the police. The rest of the course is open. Ride RIGHT, pass LEFT.  Leave three bike lengths between your front tire and the riders back tire in front of you. No drafting.

We will sweep the course the night before to make sure there isn’t glass or debris. But, please be aware that you may encounter gravel and/or potholes.

About five miles into the ride, you will turn around and come back the same way you went out.  As you end the 10 mile ride, you need to be aware that volunteers will be telling you to slow down and turn right back into transition. This is where you must dismount. You will then run your bike back to find your spot in transition.

Basic bike rules are as follows:

  • Wear a properly fitting helmet
  • NEVER wear headphones (you will be removed from the race)
  • Handlebars must have caps/plugs at the end (most do, but double check)
  • Always have water and a spare tube with you
  • Ride with the traffic! If you need to pass someone, do so quickly and say “to your left”
  • If you get a flat, please just pull over OFF the road – Peddler Shop will be driving the course looking for people who need help
  • Stay 3 bike lengths behind the person in front of you, if they are going too slow, you have 30 seconds to pass
  • A smile, a wave and a “girl you are rocking it” will go a long way!!

RUN (whew…almost done)

Runners will exit onto the road at the upper gate into Lake Gilman, then will return to Lake Gilman through the lower gate to the finish line. The course is an out and back of 1.5 miles. Not many rules here. Just NO HEADPHONES and run against traffic (will be marked). We will have water stops and some icy towels on the run.


Will be inside above the beach area near the lake! Pop the champagne…you did it!