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Queen of the Hill – Course Maps

Triathlon – swim – 1/4 mile

Triathlon and Duathlon – Bike – 10 miles

-LEFT out of Lake Gilman onto Ellis Mill Road
-LEFT onto Laux Road
-RIGHT onto Dilks Road
-LEFT onto Pine Tavern Road
-TURN AROUND at Upper Pittsgrove School
(Reverse course on the way back)


Triathlon run and Duathlon 2nd run – 5K

Depart Lake Gilman RIGHT onto Ellis Mill Road

LEFT onto Clems Run Road – Run 1.5 miles

TURN AROUND on Clems Run Road

Return to first entrance past Lake Gilman

Duathlon – 1st run

-RIGHT onto Ellis Mill Road out of lake Gilman

-LEFT onto Clems Run Road

-Watch the sign for Duathlon turn around and reverse course