Recovering from a suicide attempt, by Jana Nogowski

Published on September 20, 2013 by admin

I attempted suicide when I was twenty-two years old and a senior in college.  I took 60 or 80 Sominex sleeping pills.  It was the day after the Phillies lost the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993.  On that Sunday morning, I went to some family get-together in Port Richmond, went back… Continue reading

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A poem by Lori Hartnett

Published on May 23, 2013 by admin

Everyone has a mother. The daughter of your grandparents. The woman who is to teach you and hold your hand through life’s ups and downs. To celebrate with you and to cry with you.   Depression can rob you of that life. Darkness, paralyzed and unable to move. Lost in her thoughts and overcome with… Continue reading

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End the Stigma, by Alicia DiFabio

Published on May 2, 2013 by admin

End The Stigma Workshop: Bringing Change To Mind About Mental Illness “It was the best event our club has ever put on,” said Colleen Fossett the day after the End the Stigma Against Mental Illness Workshop.  Colleen, co-founder of the MHWTC, was not the only one who walked away from this powerful night changed; a night… Continue reading

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Depression & Anxiety: My Story, by Andrea Greene

Published on March 25, 2013 by admin

If I have any regret in my life, it’s that I didn’t get a diagnosis for my depression and anxiety until I was about 30 years old.  For years, I lived only a fraction of my life.  My deep depressions rendered me completely incapacitated at times and impacted not only me, but my family.  My anxiety kept me… Continue reading

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My Experience With Anxiety, by Melanie Amadoro

Published on February 25, 2013 by admin

I would love to say that my experience with anxiety has been a one-time event – this is what happened and why I felt that way, what I did to fix it, and now it’s all better. It’s never easy to talk about anxiety, but at least there would be a start and a finish… Continue reading

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