Saturday, April 2, 2011
10:45 pm

When I first contemplated the idea of blogging about my experience as a newbie, I was immediately fixated on two things: 1. If I thought taking on a new challenge such as training for a triathlon would be difficult given my work/family schedule, why would I possibly layer on additional responsibility? How would I… (wait for it… the thing we all aspire for).. find balance? 2. What if I wasn’t able to master swimming and ultimately the three sports combined well enough to actually compete? I was quickly able to talk myself off the ledge regarding my second concern (fear?), by reminding myself that I am, what I consider to be, an athlete at heart. Sports have played a major part in my life since early adolescence and were an integral part of my collegiate experience. I, and my fellow teammates, learned early on what it meant to be dedicated and responsible at a time when most teenagers are learning to rebel. I was responsible though (mostly) and earned the respect of my coaches and teammates alike. I was a team captain my junior year and was what I like to jokingly refer to as “the people’s captain.” While I tried hard to earn a great deal of respect from my coaches, I mostly felt I was relatable to all members of the team: freshmen, seniors, starters and back up players. I have recently come to view myself similarly in the sport of triathlons: “the people’s triathlete.” I’m not an overly fast runner, biking is so new to me and while I love it, I am positive I have quite a ways to go before I come close to being a competitive biker and swimming, well, I won’t belabor that point.

However, what I believe makes me most relatable to you, the reader, is my goal of finding balance in my life, not my time at the end of the race. This week can be used as a perfect example at attempted balance. I had all day meetings in Boston Monday through Wednesday, a long standing doctor’s appointment on Friday in Philadelphia for my youngest child, and laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, work, work, work and working out to cram in between all these things. Who doesn’t, right? In a nutshell, I made it through the week with two decent run workouts, no swims (oops), 1 spin class and a great bike ride today. Tomorrow I will partake in the 1st annual AC April Fools Run. So what’s the worry? Well to start with, this morning while I laid on my side of the bed with three kids and a dog beside me, I was feeling slightly guilty about my decision to bail on the group bike ride this morning. I didn’t go last week, nor did I run in the South Harrison 5K and I’m really enjoying being part of the tri club so I want to do tri things. Like group rides. And races. But I take the most pride in being a good wife and mother so I had to pick. Have to balance. With tomorrow’s run taking up most of the morning and early afternoon, I just couldn’t bare slipping out early again this morning after missing my family so much this week. But it weighed on me, and still does, even after my lovely ride this afternoon, taken while the kids were napping and thus not at anyone’s expense. We had a full day, a great (albeit rushed) breakfast at Harrison House this morning, followed by quality time with kids, mixed with cleaning, laundry and phone call catch ups with my extended family in PA. I hope to run a good race tomorrow. I hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight (never a guarantee in this house) and I hope to continue being the wife and mother I take so much pride in. Sound familiar? Yeah, like I said, the people’s triathlete. 🙂

See you at the finish line….


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