Ick. Blech. Yuck, yuck, yuck. That about sums up my thoughts on my 1st open water swim last night at Lake Wenonah. Nothing against the lake (or the other 100+ people who clearly don’t mind swimming in a swamp…er cedar lake), but I was completely disgusted with what I looked like after I finished my swim. The good news is I was more nervous about the fact that I couldn’t touch the bottom than I was about the not so clear water, so submerging myself initially wasn’t too much of an issue.

When I showed up to the lake I was #99 to get signed in, so that in and of itself threw me into a near panic. How many people exactly would be swimming while I was out there? Obviously it wasn’t 100 at one time, but a quick glance at the lake and the sea of continuously circling swimming caps confirmed that this was not going to be me, myself and a couple of my friends tooling around the lake like the wonder years of my childhood.

Which takes me back to why I wasn’t that grossed out about getting INTO the lake. I am, after all, a by product of NE PA, a bit of a tree hugger in my earlier days if you will. Growing up I swam in lakes all the time (note: NOT cedar ones) and no one ever discussed the ick factor of it. If you wanted to get wet, jet ski, water ski, or just have a ball on a tube, you had to get in a lake. And I survived just fine! But I’m older now. I never thought or worried about half the stuff I think of now (When do I stand up on my bike up a hill? As a kid that was an easy one… um.. when you’re tired dummy and need to give yourself some extra oomph), so I can only use the tree hugger rationale to some degree. Again, I think the truth lies in the fact that my fear of drowning was greater than my fear of well, browning.

Until I got out of the lake. And since there wasn’t a mirror around, I have to admit I was mostly getting grossed out looking at others around me. At first I thought I might come out looking a little tan (not a bad thing), but when I actually did get out and grab my towel, I was pretty grossed out by just exactly how brown I was.

As for the swim? It was ok. I wouldn’t say I loved it and will be rushing back for an open water swim daily, but it was an absolute must leading up to the Queen of the Hill tri. Last week’s mock tri was great and I am thrilled that a pool swim came first. After completing that, last night’s open water swim and tomorrow’s mock tri, I think (hope?) I will be ready for my 1st triathlon.

If only I can figure out how I’m going to get through 5 straight days of travel next week. Locked in 10-12 hour meetings and training solely in a hotel gym on a treadmill, stationary bike and very small pool. Yikes. Let’s hope it doesn’t derail me.

But I digress. It’s midnight as I type this and I realize I should be closing my laptop and turning in for the night. I need a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s tri! Looking forward to seeing many tri members out there bright and early tomorrow. Don’t look too close though, after 3 showers, I might still have a little “cedar” on me. 🙂

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