Eight weeks of blogging. Can you believe it? I bet you can, as you’ve been (hopefully) following along on this journey. A little under seven weeks left until Queen of the Hill. Can I believe it? Sometimes yes, other times, yikes, NO! Am I ready? Not quite. Am I getting closer to being ready? I think so. But at this mid way point I thought it would be a good time to stop and candidly take stock of what I’ve proudly accomplished and sometimes embarrassingly experienced.

To date I have acquired the following:
~ 1 new bike (made complete with clip less pedals and 2 falls in Action Wheels parking lot)
~ a ridiculous amount of new gear, including, but not limited to: cycling gloves, tri suit, shoes for my clip less pedals, a cadence computer, goggles, swim cap, need I go on?
~ 1 practically threadbare swimsuit (WHAT is in the water at Future Fitness? It is eating my swimsuit)!
~ a cool new vocabulary that includes such words as the aforementioned “clip less pedals”, “brick workouts” and “transition times”

I have completed/accomplished the following:
~ 2 races this season (garnering a PR for Broad Street)
~ 1 virtually insurmountable attempt at swimming against aqua joggers
~ a 3 mph average improvement at cycling in 6 weeks
~ 100 miles on my bike in 1 month
~ 15 blog entries
~ numerous group rides (followed by, let’s just say “several” glasses of wine), 2 club sponsored information sessions and 1 very fun and worthy wine tasting event

And I have, unfortunately, not lost 1 of the 10 lbs I am aiming to lose. Dare I throw out the acronym WTF?!?!

But I digress. Back to the positives! Today I completed my first mini brick workout. When I walked into the hotel gym there was a bike and a treadmill side by side. Beckoning me. I rode 10 miles and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 1 mile run afterwards. I want to start acclimating myself to the bike – run transition, as I’ve heard this can be one of the most difficult parts of the tri (along with not drowning). Fear not newbies- if you’ve been training steadily the past five or six weeks, this transition is not too bad. Of course I need to build up to 15 miles cycling and 3 miles running, but I’ll take it one workout at a time.

This weekend will pose another challenge as I head off to a “girl’s weekend” with my best girlfriends from elementary school. For many of us it will be the first time we’ve been together since our last outing in May 2010. Lots of girl talk, late nights and well, alcohol. I am trying to cram in as many quality workouts as I can before Friday as I don’t think I will be able to find time (or be allowed) workouts during our quick 3 days together. Wish me luck!

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