Top Ten AC April Fool’s Run Learnings:
1. A beer garden at the finish line = lots of motivation for finishing fast, but not a good source of hydration. Hello? Were there only 2 water stations in 7 miles (sorry, 6.8 miles)?
2. 7k/11k = guaranteed PR (at least this year). Who has a PR for these distances in their arsenal?
3. Carpooling with/Driving a State Trooper = very interesting conversation, also = nervousness to have a half beer (1 full hour) before driving home.
4. Laura Longo & Jen McCarthy = v. fast. Must I literally live in between the two??
5. Cigar smoke (outside a casino)…. not a good inhalant during a race.
6. Jester hats. Fun for some, not for me. Enough said.
7. Bally’s appearing deceptively close on the back half of the run….. not cool.
8. Mullica Hill tri club = cool girls, young looking members (age is merely a number, right)? You know who you are… and you owe me a cocktail!
9. Promptly awarding winners in each category is essential; standing around for almost 2 hours afterwards (long after the beer truck was closed) = sore quads.

And finally….
10. A great race opener for the Mullica Hill tri club and a great bonding experience for newbies and veterans alike!

Check out this quick YouTube video of the race start:

See you guys at Rode’s tonight! Let the fun continue….


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  1. Colleen Fossett April 6, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Okay…I love these blogs! You are so funny Stephanie, truly a great sense of humor. Everything is so true. How can they still allow smoking in a casino.. really? Beer was tasty at the time, but the salt on my face after the race would probably disagree. It was great to see you at Rode’s tonight! I am excited that you all came!

  2. Laura April 7, 2011 at 7:53 am

    LOL, I noticed and ran through the smoke too. And you’re right, Bally’s did look deceptively close!! 🙂

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