A Love Letter to My Daughter

Being twelve years old must be tough.  It’s been so long, I can’t remember!  But every day you wakeup at the crack of dawn worried about the clothes and hairstyle that  will get you through the middle school day.

Our days used to involve after school snacks and tons of conversation (avoiding the inevitable homework) and weekends full of family travel, bike rides and fall football games.  It was so easy to be an active family.  Together, we trained for the Baltimore Run Festival and had the best time.  The picture of you crossing the finish line is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! You were so excited about “working out” that when we moved to South Jersey, you asked me to find a youth triathlon you could compete in.


We found MHWTC! We were so excited ~this group was in our own backyard – no bridge to cross (you are terrified of crossing the bridges)!  What a let down that you had to be over 18 to participate.   So you did the normal tween thing.  You decided that Facebook, sleepovers with new friends and makeup where so much better than doing “our thing”.  Spending hours on your cell phone and looking at me like I have no clue about life or music is tough to handle, We would ask you to take a walk with us and you said “no thanks”!



This is it! Our chances to walk, run, and spend time together without any distractions…simply being together without outside noises ~ all the while meeting new people and exercising our minds and bodies.

For just a few hours a week, you are back to me!  When you talk non-stop during our travel time to and from GLOW about what’s happening in your life and your plans for the weekend and what you just experienced in GLOW and on and on, it takes my breath away ~ because you are GLOWING